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Hey everyone! The preparations for the Game Jam are coming along nicely - for everyone who was wondering about registration: Since we organize this year's Austria Game Jam in collaboration with our friends from Games Austria and are co-located with the CEG conference, registration works over their site.

Unfortunately, we are already sold out!

Also, we present you with the schedule for the jam:

Friday, 23.1.

18:00: Beginning of the Jam and the Retro Expo
01:30: Doors closed

Saturday, 24.1.

09:00 - 01:30: Development
14:00 - 17:00: Public Hour

Sunday, 25.1.

09:00 - 15:00: Development
15:00: Collection of the final games, preparation for presentations
16:00: Final Presentation and Get Together
20:00: Official end of the jam

See you at the jam everyone, cheers! :D

Sixth Game Jam in Vienna! \o/ you may have noticed, it has become a tradition of sorts over the last years that there is this "Game Jam" taking place in Vienna. People make the strangest games there in absurdly short time It's always at the end of January. Furthermore, it's not just in Vienna, you know, there's jams everywhere, all over the world! Throw a rock then and you'll hit a bunch of jammers. So, to the surprise of no one, 2015 is no exception in this regard! We will host a Jam at FH Technikum from January 23 to January 25 as part of the Global Game Jam again, hooray! So yeah, if you happen to be the type who is into designing experimental game prototypes in small teams over the course of a weekend to highly unconventional themes simultaneously with thousands of other people from all over the world, I guess you should drop by. No, seriously. It's pretty neat.

Ah but wait, there's more! Because apparently it is not enough to be part of the Global Game Jam, this year the viennese Jam will also be co-located with the Central European Games Conference (CEGConf)! The conference will take place immeditaly before the jam - so you can go to the CEGConf, marvel at all the wonders there, listen to enlightening talks that will stimulate your intellect, testplay new games and talk to devs and academia and all kinds of charming folks - and afterwards you directly switch over to developing your own games. Please, take all the time you need to take in just how great that is. When you are done processing the awesomeness of what I just told you, I recommend you register for the jam as soon as possible!

We are currently still working out the mode for registration together with organizers of the CEGConf, so please stand by for a few more days until this is all sorted out and the open registration will be announced! All will be revealed soon.

Game Jam @ EMCSR'14: Game-based Learning in Systems Thinking

Game Jam @ EMCSR'14: Game-based Learning in Systems Thinking


On April 24th, Juergen (@JuergenMusil) and Simon (@SimonWallner) hosted a game jam at the 12th European Meetings on Cybernetics and Systems Research (EMCSR) conference in Vienna. Goal of the workshop was to introduce experts from different scientific areas to game jams, as a pragmatic approach for short-term, collaborative ideation and end-user focused experience prototyping.


The agenda of the workshop was structured as follows:

20 min - Introduction.

20 min - Brainstorming in randomized pairs.

30 min - Concept pitches and group forming.

90 min - Working in groups on the prototypes.

30 min - Presentations.

30 min - Reflection and discussion.


During the 3,5 hours workshop 4 paper prototypes of game concepts to the theme “A Cog in the Machine” have been developed by 15 participants:


1. Speculation on Beautiful Mechanisms

Andrea Rossi, Lila Panahi, Andrea Hubin


2. Robots vs Monsters

Johannes Eder, Paul Leitner, René Schwaiger


3. Paradise / Pardise Lost

Stefan Blachfellner, Giovanni Paolo Sellitto, K.T. Zakravsky


4. The Round Square

Viacheslav Maracha, Dmitry Reut



After the group presentations participants discussed their experiences and challenges during the jam. 


Experienced challenges and trade-off situations:


  1. Constrained resources: The time-boxed setting forced the participants to (1) quickly explore and deliberate on a multitude of ideas and design options and (2) subsequently reduce the complexity of prototype concepts to be realized with the given materials in the defined time.
  2. Abstractness: Predicting the implications of design decisions (rules, goals, feedback loops) solely on the abstract system was difficult. It was therefore necessary for participants to switch to a more opportunistic design approach, where they designed the rules on-the-fly while they experienced the prototype hands-on. Another challenge was to get an understanding about what aspects can and cannot be realized well in a paper prototype.
  3. Interdisciplinary collaboration: Collaboration of team members from different domains and varying experience levels was challenging in this respect, that it took time for each team to form a common view on the problem and solution space.


Identified benefits:


  1. Ideation and immediate exploration of concepts and designs in practice, and the personal satisfaction of being creative and inventive.
  2. Co-creation: Every team member contributes a different theoretical and practical aspect to the final solution.
  3. Cooperation in uncertainty: Work together with team member from different fields on a mutual “wicked” problem.
  4. Game jam, as a special social situation, contributes positively to learning and research sessions.


Lessons learned:


  1. A competitive game jam version could be an interesting approach in architecture.
  2. Co-opetition Jam: An hybrid approach, which consists of two phases: a cooperative jam and a competitive jam, either with the same or with two different participant groups. The results of both jams are then combined in a single result set.
  3. Moderator role in teams to accelerate team building and a common perspective on the problem.
  4. Use your favorite resources, techniques and tools.
  5. In short workshops (~ 3 hrs) with many inexperienced participants, probably a ‘boardgame hacking’-like approach could be beneficial to reduce degrees of freedom of the design space, thus reducing task complexity for the participants.



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Participant Seats and Waiting List full!

Due to the high demand all available seats as well as all positions on the waiting list are taken, thus the sign-up has been closed.

If you weren't able to register as a participant, get your dose of the AGJ14 experience by joining us on Sunday 26th in the afternoon, when the jammers present their games and take your chance to meet them face-to-face.

Stay ahead of upcoming AGJs by subscribing to our event newsletter.

5th Anniversary Game Jam!

Fellow Game Developers and Friends!

You might have already guessed it; we are very happy to announce the Austria Game Jam 2014! It will be the fifth time that we are hosting a location for the worldwide Global Game Jam. It all started in 2010 and has come a long way since.

The AGJ14 will take place on January 24-26 at the Marx Palast in Neu Marx. It is close to the location of the last years, but quite a bit bigger. You might know it from the "Content Award" ceremony or from recordings of "Willkommen Österreich".

Even though the location is bigger, the seats in the jam are still limited. Sign-up starts on Wednesday, November 20, at 12:00 noon! Make sure to get your ticket early.

Preparations are in full swing right now, and we will post updates on the program and other practicalities over the next weeks.

We are looking forward to seeing you and an amazing 5th anniversary Austria Game Jam!

Game Jam @ Ars Electronica Festival 2013

Hey Jammers!

We have good news to announce today! We are going to host a Game Jam at the Ars Electronica Festival 2013 in Linz. Yes, the Ars Electronica Festival, the festival that is around since the late seventies, and has since then managed to explore the intersections of art, society and technology.

The jam will take place at the Tabafabrik Linz on the weekend of September 6-8, 2013.

Sign-up will start very soon: Friday, August 2!

Make sure to check the website for more details as they become available over the next weeks. We are looking forward to seeing all of you for a fabulous jam at the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz!

Visit us during the "Public Hour"

Just like last year, we are again hosting a "Public Hour" on Saturday afternoon from 3 to 7pm. During this time, we open our doors to the public, and invite everyone who is interested in games to visit us, and to take a look behind the scenes. 

See for yourself how the games are made and how the jam lives and runs. Talk to the developers, and maybe get a chance to try the first playable versions of the games that are developed at the jam. See how they develop from idea to prototype to final game.

Find us at the Game Jam Site at Neu Marx (map)!

Media Quarter Marx 2
Karl-Farkas-Gasse 18
A-1030 Wien

Participant Seats and Waiting List full

Due to the high demand all available seats as well as all positions on the waiting list are full, thus the sign-up has been closed.

If you weren't able to register as a participant, get your dose of the AGJ13 experience by joining us on Sunday 27th in the afternoon, when the jammers present their games and take your chance to meet them face-to-face.

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Neu Marx is the Location for the AGJ13

tl;dr: Neu Marx hosts the AGJ again. Signup started here!

After the good time we had there at the last jam, we are very happy to announce that Neu Marx kindly provides the location for the Austria Game Jam.

Over the last years the former slaughterhouse and cattle-market St. Marx developed into a technlogy and media cluster that today houses about 75 institutions and companies and it thrives to be the working and living place for 15.000 people by 2016.

Neu Marx claim is: “This is where future happens” and with the Austria Game Jam we try to turn it into the place where the future of games, our beloved medium, happens.

Registration for the Austria Game Jam 2013 starts today, just follow the link below and fill in the form. Attendance fee is €20 like last year, and we try to make it worth every cent by not only providing the infrastructure but also that little extra.

Stay tuned for more updates either here or in the social network of you choice!

Sign Up!

Follow the link and fill out the form to sign up for the AGJ13.


Pioneers-Festival: Insert coin! Live-Pitching österreichicher Game-Startups @ Subotron/WKW pro games global

Mark the date of the following great session at next week's Pioneer Festival co-hosted by our friends at Subotron:

Insert coin! Live-Pitching österreichischer Game-Startups

Montag 29.Oktober 12, 19:00
MuseumsQuartier / quartier 21 / Raum D, 1070 Wien

Fünf österreichische Startups werden aus einem Call von einer aus lokalen Fördergebern, Developern und Journalisten bestehenden Jury ausgewählt und bekommen die Chance, ihre Spiele am Montag 29.10.12 im Rahmen der Veranstaltungsreihe „SUBOTRON/WKW pro games“ im MQ Wien anlässlich des Pioneers-Festivals internationalen Investoren und Experten aus der Gaming-Industrie vorzustellen und sofort direktes Feedback zu erhalten. Auf einen 5-Minuten-Pitch folgen 10 Minuten Beurteilung & Diskussion.
Egal ob StudentInnenprojekt, EPU oder Developer-Studio: Wie werden die Games für den Mobile-/Tablet-Markt, MMOs, Social- oder Serious Games entwickelt und finanziert? Sind die Vertriebs- und Werbestrategien erfolgsversprechend? Welche innovativen Konzepte haben Chancen, am boomenden, heißumkämpften globalen Markt zu bestehen?

Moderation: Robert Glashüttner (ORF/FM4)

Die 5 von der Jury des Calls gewählten Projekte, die sich präsentieren werden:
(in alphabetischer Reihenfolge)

  •     NOOMIX
  •     SCHEIN
  •     VALORY

Wer die Jury überzeugt, wird neben der Erfahrung, direkt und unverblümt professionell beurteilt zu werden, auch einen längerfristigen Mehrwert erhalten.
Der Sieger bekommt den Preis der Wirtschaftskammer Wien, einen Gutschein für zwei Beratertage mit einem Experten für digitale Medienmärkte und Games. Mit diesem Branchenexperten können nach individueller Vereinbarung sowohl Fragen bezüglich des Geschäftsmodelles, der generellen Unternehmensstrategie (Organisation und Unternehmensaufbau) als auch Marketing- bzw. Vertriebsthemen ausführlich und in vertraulichem Rahmen besprochen werden.
Das zweitbeste Projekt erhält von ZIT – die Technologieagentur der Stadt Wien umfangreiche Beratungsleistungen aus ihrem Portfolio (Förderungen, Technologieberatung und WienWin) und bekommt Räumlichkeiten im Media Quarter Marx (MQM 2) zur Verfügung gestellt: Ein Seminarraum wird für einen Tag für Projektmeetings, interne Workshops etc. inklusive Infrastruktur (Internet, Telefon, usw.) bereitgestellt.

>> More details here.


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